The Emergency Response Centre

VOXCOM began monitoring Canadians for personal medical emergencies in 1989. Since then it has developed the Emergency Response Centre (ERC) into one of the most technologically advanced monitoring stations in the country watching out for over 80,000 homes, businesses and individuals.

VOXCOM has the best people in the industry providing fast and reliable responses to security alarms and personal medical emergencies. Highly trained operators not only complete a rigorous internal training program, but they must also become certified by the Security Industry Association (SIA). In fact, a number of our operators are Certified Instructors and train other emergency operators on behalf of SIA.

VOXCOM has implemented the technology and people required to operate a truly world-class monitoring station. Security companies from all over North America consistently visit the ERC to learn from its industry-wide best practices.

We're looking out for you.

How does Monitoring Work?

All of the components of your security system are connected to a central control panel, essentially the brains of the system. The control panel is connected to VOXCOM's Emergency Response Centre via your regular telephone line or through a cellular network.

Once your system is armed, VOXCOM monitors each of the sensors in your home or business for activity. If a sensor is tripped and no valid code is entered into the keypad within a specified time an alarm signal is sent to the Emergency Respsonse Centre.

This is when our emergency response operators jump into action. 





What Happens When My Alarm Goes Off?

Within seconds of receiving an alarm signal from a home or business the ERC's cutting-edge technology gives our operators the relevant informations they need. In seconds they can determine:

- What type of emergency it is.
- Which local authorities to dispatch.
- Who to contact.
- What to do if you're on holidays.
- Whether there is a pet in the house.

Our operators will have everything they need to know in order to deal with your situation quickly and effectively.

It is important to note that each customer can set up special instructions for our emergency operators at anytime by contacting VOXCOM's Customer Service Centre.


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